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      The “tsampouna” is a wind instrument, made of the entire goatskin. It is inflated from one end and while the musician blows from there, he plays the flute in which it ends.

Sounds with dancing rhythms are heard. The musician is usually a shepherd, who is also the maker of the instrument.

In the summer festivals, when the sponge-divers, who charm the girls, are away, the shepherds are the bosses.

A typical example is the following dialogue (which is sung accompanied by the “tsampouna" between a shepherd and a girl and his effort to attract her, although she prefers sponge-divers.


Christ, I hope I could see a young shepherd

With a scarf around his neck

and with a shepherd’s crook.


What shall I do with the shepherd?

Shall I graze and whistle?


I will marry a sponge-diver

and say to him good morning.